Ofcom Licensing Explained

With few exceptions, most radio equipment must be licensed and meet strict approvals. The responsibility for obtaining and maintaining a suitable licence rests with the user and the penalties for not having a licence can be severe.

Red Radio are authorised by Ofcom to supply licensed radio equipment, and service all equipment, and can assist with all aspects of licensing.

Ofcom have made licensing much simpler and more cost effective, with a range of licences to suit various applications - from simple on-site communications to wide area linked equipment.

The main licences available are:

  • Business Radio Simple Site Light Licence Allows use of a base station and portables & mobile units within a small geographical area (typically <1km). Shared channels. Licence cost is £75 for a 5 year period.
  • Business Radio Simple UK Light Licence Allows use of portables/mobile units, but NO base unit, anywhere in UK. Shared channels. Licence cost is £75 for a 5 year period.
  • Business Radio Technically Assigned Licence A more complex licence allowing on-site or wide area fixed base equipment or talk-through (Repeater) equipment and portables/mobile units running higher power. Channels are more exclusive (useful when a specific requirement for privacy such as security) Licence cost is typically from £100-£150 for a 1 year period, but determined on application subject to location.

      We can assist with all licence applications. Call for no obligation advice.