Be Cautious

Red Radio have been established over 20 years and our staff have over 60 years combined experience in the professional two-way radio market.
With more and more people, businesses and establishments looking to purchase PMR446 radios, low cost walkie talkies or even professional licensed two way radios online we would like to warn of potential illegal or unapproved products;  A high number of which are sold online.
All two-way radios in UK , including all types of PMR446 radios must be "Type Approved".  This is to ensure they are firstly safe, where the product is normally independently tested and "Certified" to assure its compliance.  Secondly is the Approval for radio transmission which is enforced in the UK by Ofcom.  Basically all radios must meet the electrical safety, Radio Emissions Standards and Safety Standards.
A legitimate seller will have no hesitation in supplying all the necessary documentation to confirm the legitimacy of a particular product - Just because it may have a "CE" mark on the unit, does not guarantee it's compliance.  There will be paperwork with the product including either a "Statement of Compliance" by the Manufacturer or Importer, or at the very least (in addition to markings as detailed in the Ofcom link below) a label with a link to manufacturer/Importers details for confirmation.
If the price seems a bargain price  - It probably isn't.....  You could get into all sorts of trouble for using unauthorised, unlicensed or unapproved equipment. 
There are several types of equipment, sold by ill informed, unaware or just downright unscrupulous sellers which is illegal to use in UK and is designed purely for the American market.  This includes FRS and GMRS radios which do not comply with the frequency allocations in UK and EU or the power regulations.  FRS/GMRS frequencies could cause interference to legitimate radio users and Ofcom will prosecute offenders with confiscation of equipment, fines and even prison!
We are happy to advise you if you have already purchased something you now believe may be incorrect.
 See also additional details in Ofcom Licensing.  Red Radio only sell fully compliant products.