Red Radio - Motorola Empowered  10th October 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are now an officially Motorola Empowered Partner for two way radio products.


Being authorised and approved as a Partner Empower Reseller gives us access to the latest developments and products from Motorola and strong support and assistance for us and our clients; expanding our portfolio of products and ensuring technical excellence throughout.

So, if you want to procure Motorola radios from an empowered and legitimate supplier - Come to Red Radio.

Two-Way Radios help in the fight against Covid19  20th July 2020

With the current Covid19 pandemic affecting all businesses and people, one thing is certain is that we need to remain safe and maintain social distancing whenever possible. 

This falls into a duty of care for business owners, factories, warehouses, schools and office environments and any re staff need to cooperate with others, and now without the risk of close physical contact. 

Two-Way radios are an ideal tool to help maintain constant communication between workers whilst restricting physical contact.  Social distancing can be maintained as well as allowing fewer staff to operate safely in a restricted workplace. 

From simple and low cost "Leisure PMR446" walkie talkies such as the TK42, to a system with Man-Down Alarms, Panic Buttons and Lone Worker protection such as the DR5100, our latest addition to the award winning "lynx" series of IP65 radios.

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NEW from Red Radio - DR5100, DMR portable with full Man-Down Alarms and Personal Protection  12th February 2020

The latest in the award winning "Lynx" series of radios, the palm sized DR5100 has been designed for the professional user, with a rugged and robust housing which meets Military Standard MILSTD810F and IP65 for water & dust ingress and shock resilience.  The DR5100 is fully featured, punching way above its price, with its nearest spec competitor >£120 more!*

In reality no other DMR digital radio comes close, in features or price.

The DR5100 is not only tough - its smart too, with inbuilt features for Personal Protection including Man Down, Lone Worker, Panic Button - all programmable to allow ultimate flexibility and control and allow systems for full staff protection.

Unique to the higher tier RED products, the DR5100 has full Voice Annunciation, just "channel annunciation" , with unique alarms "spoken" to the radios in the group. 

Only available with Red Radio's DR5100 is the option for Groups to have dedicated voice prompts.  Eg. If you are a garden centre and use different channels to call different groups of people; we can program bespoke systems - for channels to say as an example "Gift Shop" for Channel 5, etc, or bespoke alarm prompts such as "Fire Alarm" etc.  This unique option allows simple operation for teams and clearly defined alarm conditions.

The DR5100 has a Panic button and programmable keys to allow numerous alarm conditions to be sent across the group.

Thanks to BTL technology and a crisp Loudspeaker giving 1 Watt of audio output the DR5100 is much better to hear in noisy environments than its competitors.  The radio has a standard “M1” fit audio accessory connector and there is full compatibility with the “Lynx” range of radios, sharing battery chargers and audio accessories.

Voice annunciation of Channel number allows simple operation and the battery status can be easily checked at the press of a button to give a voice prompt of its state.

The radio comes complete with a high capacity (1700mAH Li-ion) battery and single way fast charger, with six way chargers available as an optional extra. 

*  The DR5100 comes as STANDARD with Man-Down, Lone Worker , Panic Button and Pseudo Trunk, text messaging and voice text messaging, Direct Mode and Remote Monitor/Disable .  Voice Alerts decoding is not available on any other radio so nearest equivalent is one with a LCD display. No other radio has ability for bespoke voice prompts.

DR5100, our latest addition to the award winning "lynx" series of IP65 radios.

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