Older Models withdrawal of support

The following models will no longer be supported:
Maxon - ALL MODELS including SL25, SL55, SL100, SL1000, SL3000, SL8000, SL7000, SL6000, PM100, PM150, PM200, PM250, CM70, CM10.

Motorola - GM300, GM340, GM350.  All older models pre 2008.

Kenwood - All older models pre 2008.

Kirisun - PT4200, PT446, PT568, PT7200, PT6500, PT6800, PT558.

Models including; Maxon PM100, PM160, PM150; Motorola GM300, GM340, GM350; Kenwood TK-762/862 will no longer be serviced or supported with re-programming.  This is due to their requirement for Windows 98 and/or DOS programming tools which we will no longer keep.  We continue to have some spares for all the mentioned radios whilst current stocks last.