CB Radio and Frequencies

For those of us old enough to remember, back in the 1970's and 1980's CB radio was the pinnacle of free to use low cost communication between people of all ages - from Truckers and Fleet users to teens long before mobile phones, Tik Tok, Facebook and Whatsap!

In the early days CB in the UK was illegal and many chose to ignore the law of the day an use illegally imported AM (Amplitude Modulated) radios.  Most equipment was literally smuggled from Europe and Ireland, and the "Home Office" (As Ofcom was called then) played a cat and mouse game with these illegal operators across the country, enforcing the law, confiscating equipment and slapping fines on very wary users.  Some people would use for local "chatting", taxis, businesses etc and some would seek the "DX" potential of 27Mhz with high power, sometimes over 1kW amplifiers, and talking to fellow CB'ers in USA and beyond.

CB is now legal in UK but users must abide by the regulations for frequencies, mode, power and equipment.  Since 2006 CB Radio, using FM mode was legal without a licence being required.  This Licence "Exemption" was increased to include use of AM and DSB/SSB signals in 2014.  Equipment must always meet the relevant Type Approvals (RTTE) and now RED.

CB users must ensure they do not cause interference, and must not exceed the Transmitter Power Levels specified by Ofcom:

FM Modulation: 4 Watts

AM Modulation: 4 Watts

DSB & SSB:         12 Watts PEP

UK CB Channels:

Channel Number Frequency Mode
01 27.60125 FM/PM
02 27.61125 FM/PM
03 27.62125 FM/PM
04 27.63125 FM/PM
05 27.64125 FM/PM
06 27.65125 FM/PM
07 27.66125 FM/PM
08 27.67125 FM/PM
09 27.68125 FM/PM
10 27.69125 FM/PM
11 27.70125 FM/PM
12 27.71125 FM/PM
13 27.72125 FM/PM
14 27.73125 FM/PM
15 27.74125 FM/PM
16 27.75125 FM/PM
17 27.76125 FM/PM
18 27.77125 FM/PM
19 27.78125 FM/PM
20 27.79125 FM/PM
21 27.80125 FM/PM
22 27.81125 FM/PM
23 27.82125 FM/PM
24 27.83125 FM/PM
25 27.84125 FM/PM
26 27.85125 FM/PM
27 27.86125 FM/PM
28 27.87125 FM/PM
29 27.88125 FM/PM
30 27.89125 FM/PM
31 27.90125 FM/PM
32 27.91125 FM/PM
33 27.92125 FM/PM
34 27.93125 FM/PM
35 27.94125 FM/PM
36 27.95125 FM/PM
37 27.96125 FM/PM
38 27.97125 FM/PM
39 27.98125 FM/PM
40 27.99125 FM/PM

EU/CEPT Channels:

Channel Number Frequency Mode
0126.965FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0226.975FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0326.985FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0427.005FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0527.015FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0627.025FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0727.035FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0827.055FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
0927.065FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1027.075FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1127.085FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1227.105FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1327.115FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1427.125FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1527.135FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1627.155FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1727.165FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1827.175FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
1927.185FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2027.205FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2127.215FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2227.225FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2327.255FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2427.235FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2527.245FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2627.265FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2727.275FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2827.285FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
2927.295FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3027.305FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3127.315FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3227.325FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3327.335FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3427.345FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3527.355FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3627.365FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3727.375FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3827.385FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
3927.395FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB
4027.405FM/PM and AM/DSB/SSB