Icom Supply Issues

Full Statement from Icom:

Important Information Regarding the IC-F2000 and IC-F29SR series

In recent months a serious fire took place at one of our suppliers manufacturing plants (AKM). This meant without any foresight that some components became unavailable overnight.

With immediate effect and due to these key part shortages, some of our core radios are going to be affected while new sources are found and re-approval is issued. In PMR this means the F2000 and F29SR family.

To try and ensure continuity we over manufactured certain affected models with what parts we had, we overstocked bringing all the inventory we could into our UK warehouse. However, the first part of 2021 has seen such unprecedented demand, four times of what we would expect for both our IC-F2000 and IC-F29SR series. This demand has now left us almost out of stock of the F29SR with a gap to re-starting production.

We still have a few months of our IC-F2000 series available and its digital variants in both UHF and VHF.

We will be offering the ever popular and award-winning IC-F4002 as an alternative to our licensed IC-F2000 analogue series. However, this will still leave a gap in PMR446 whilst a new model is created, approved and manufacturing is back underway.

This event has affected the worlds electronics manufacturing community, not just Icom. New parts and components from AKM with a re-start of production at new plants is underway, albeit not at the speed we hope for.

We apologise for this serious disruption most sincerely. Since our start back in 1974, we have never faced an event like this and we are working hard to rectify the situation and bring new alternatives to you.

To reiterate, for business radio, other models are ok, it is the F2000 / F29SR family that is affected.