Radio Hire and Covid

One thing that has become clear over the last year is that hygene is a critical factor in staying safe and healthy.
In this era of social distancing, one thing for certain is we need to remain safe and ensure our staff do too.
Two-way radios are an ideal tool to help maintain constant communication between workers whilst restricting physical contact.  Social distancing can be maintained as well as allowing fewer staff to operate, safely, in a restricted work environment.
Red Radio operates a strict policy of cleanliness and sterilisation for all radio equipment being sent out on hire:
  1. All two way radios (walkie talkies) are cleaned with a >70% strength Isopropyl alcohol/anti-viral solution before being packed.
  1. All D shell Earpieces are cleansed and sterilised with a >90% strength Isopropyl Alcohol/anti-viral solution before being individually packed in sealed bags.
For all hires in excess of 6 radios, we supply a small spray bottle of cleansing/sterilizing solution for you to regularly clean all equipment in accordance with our published guidelines.

Our instructions and procedures for returning Hired equipment have changed to take into account safety of your's and our staff.
We will supply all radios and earpieces in suitable packaging which we ask you to KEEP, and when your hire has ended we ask that you clean each radio, as per our guidelines and place back into the packaging provided. 
This forms part of our mutual agreement and we reserve the right to make an additional charge if this is not done.