UK Light Frequencies

In UK the following frequencies are issued by Ofcom for all UK Light and UK Site Light Licenses.
The Radio dealer has the choice to program individual channels and CTCSS/DCS ( for Analogue radios) or Colour Codes for Digital Radios.
Older licence holders with UHF portable radios will generally only have the UHF1 channels as the UHF2 channel allocations are relatively recently issued.
If you have equipment, using a UK Light Licence, and you are finding there is a high degree of interference on your channels it is most likely that you are picking up a similarly programmed UK Light radio - Most suppliers historically programmed the channels numerically so this has compounded a risk of interference ( ie programming Channel 1 as 449.3125, Channel 2 as 449.4000 and Channel 3 as 449.475). 
Red Radio can re-program your existing equipment to include the new channels with less interference.
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Below is a table of all the channels available with a UK Light Licence in UK.  
Typically Low Band is used for longer range and only using mobile radios.  It is also quite an "old" band  as there is very little equipment available and antenna sizes are quite often unpractical.
VHF Mid Band and VHF High Band are generally used in fleet and taxi radios as a "back to back" channel.
UHF1 and UHF2 are normally used for on-site radio systems as the equipment is readily available and the antenna (aerial) on the radios can be small.  
BandFrequency (MHz)BandFrequency  (MHz)
LOW BAND77.68750VHF HIGH BAND173.062500
LOW BAND86.33750VHF HIGH BAND173.087500
LOW BAND86.35000UHF 1449.312500
LOW BAND86.36250UHF 1449.400000
LOW BAND86.37500UHF 1449.47500
VHF MID BAND164.05000UHF 2458.78750
VHF MID BAND164.0625UHF 2458.80000
VHF HIGH BAND169.08750UHF 2458.81250
VHF HIGH BAND173.05000UHF 2458.82500