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PMR446 FREQUENCIES IN UK.  What are PMR446 channels? 446 Channels.

MORE ABOUT PMR446.  What is PMR446?  What is FRS?  

OFCOM LICENSING IN UK:-  Radio Licensing in UK. Business Radio Licences.

UK Light Frequencies.  449 Channels.

ANALOGUE TWO WAY RADIO.  What is Analogue two-way radio?

CTCSS/DCS.  What is CTCSS or DCS, sometimes known as sub-codes?

DIGITAL TWO WAY RADIO.  What is Digital two-way radio?  What is DMR?   What is dPMR?

IP RATINGS.  What is IP67?  What is MILSTD?

RTTE and RED.  What is the latest certification for two way radios?  What is RTTE?  What is RED?

LONE WORKER RADIOS.  MAN DOWN RADIOS.  What is a Man-down radio?  What is a Lone-Worker radio?

Analogue Two-Way Radio

Analogue Radio is the term for most two way radios supplied commercially up until 2012 when Digital Radios started to appear.  Most Analogue radios used in the commercial Two-Way Radio field are FM (Frequency Modulated).  This means that the Radio transmits a "Carrier" with a modulated signal and this is "de-modulated" in the receiving radios.

Analogue radios are easier to listen to on Radio Scanners than Digital Radio, and are considered less private as a result.

Analogue radios are generally lower in cost to their Digital counterparts.

Man Down and Lone Worker Radios