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Red Radio sell, hire and service all types of Digital two-way radios from all major manufacturers including; Motorola Mototrbo radios, Hytera two way radios, Icom dPMR radios, Kenwood DMR, dPMR and Nextedge and of course the award winning Red "Lynx" series of DMR radios.
Digital Radios give a number of benefits over Analogue radios.  The "voice" is digitised (rather like a CD/MP3) so is crisper and the coverage is additionally greater, with extended battery life. 
Digital Radios can easily have enhanced features for either safety such as Man-down alarms and Lone Worker alarms or for mission critical and operational efficiency such as Text Messaging, Group and Individual Calling and Data processing.
Licensed radios use set frequencies, either the UK Light Frequencies or a specialist "Technically Assigned" Licence with more dedicated and private channels.  They can be used with or without a base and range/coverage can be increased with "Repeaters".
Red Radio are happy to assist, at no charge, to help you choose which type of Licence and equipment you require.  Call for an informal chat.
Useful Links:  
UK Light Licence Frequencies:  Frequencies used for UK Site and UK Light Licences, including 449MHz frequencies
Ofcom Licensing Explained:  More Information about Licensing of two way radio equipment in UK
Be Cautious:  illegal and Unapproved radios 
Digital Radio Explained:  More About Digital radios
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Icom IC-F3202/4202DEX ATEX dPMR portable radio

Icom IC-F3202/4202DEX ATEX dPMR portable radio

If you require communications in harsh and challenging environments, safety is p..

£425.00 (Excl. VAT) £510.00 (Incl. VAT)

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